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email script

Question asked by MStephens on Aug 4, 2011
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email script


Need help from one who will speak simple to me please...Sealed

I used the inventory database from filemaker, I have expanded it somewhat to suit what I need.  I have been using the late email reminder, but, find it rather time consuming one at a time emails.  (lots)

What I have done:  made a table layout - I do a manual find; (Not availible) + (== in the check in date, (I want it empty)) + (History table; name)

It will bring up whomever, and the layout works. It saves as a pdf to the desktop, then the email client goes to work, attaches the PDF and sends to whomever.

What I would LIKE to do:  ?Write? a script that will do 50+ name finds, create the table, save as a pdf, mail, go to the next person, create the table, save as a pdf, mail.....

My issue, I don't know how to do it!  LOL Tongue out

Can someone give me a simple, simple way to do this.  I understand basic script, the else if, I do not have a clue, so some of the stuff, huh?  

Thanks in advance