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    Email Script Alteration



      Email Script Alteration


      Hello all

      I have this script that enters one email address at a time called Place in To, it enters the email address by clicking on the To button from our email list. 

      I would like to add a button to the layout that will add all email addresses at once into To.

      I have included a pic of the script i have so far, can i this script be altered with something added to it just to keep things a bit easier.

      I am using FMP 11 Advanced on a Win XP service pk 3 PC

      Any help gratefully appreciated.




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          I've started using the List function to build such a list of values:

            Set Field [Email::Address To ; List ( Email::Address To ; Address::Addressee ) ]
          End If

          It does exactly the same thing as your script, just eliminates the extra If - Else - End if code.

          Will return serve as the correct delimitter between addresses?

          You may need to follow up with:

          Set Field [Email::Address To ; Substitute ( Email::Address To  ; ¶ ; "; " ) ]

          To turn the returns into ; or , to suit the requirements of your specific email client.

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            Thanks Phil

            You have done it again much appreciated