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    Email Script Help



      Email Script Help


      Hi y'all.

      I need to create a script that would allow me to send in one email, preferably via Gmail, to all my clients. Or at least I believe I would have to use a script in order to do this. Sad thing is I don't know where to go to look for this information or how to set up this specific of a script up.

      For example, I would like to notify clients A-Z@gmail.com that we have a new product available for purchase all in a single email.


      Thank y'all kindly,


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          Are you familiar with the send | mail option found in the File Menu? Have you looked it up in FileMaker Help?

          This is an option for manually sending out an email to either one person or to every person in your found set. It can work with certain local email client programs or with an SMTP mail server such as gMail.

          Once you can manually send out emails (try sending one to your self as the first test), you can use the send mail script step--which is set up using the same dialog box, in a script to send out emails.

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            Thanks PhilModJunk for the quick reply. I followed the instructions under the help guide. I've enabled web publishing and still get a message "emails could not be sent successfully". I attempted to send a test email to myself, but it still doesn't work. The smtp for gMail is smtp.gmail.com and I've tried ports 465 and 587 as stated on http://support.google.com/mail/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=13287 , but it still doesn't work. Any ideas?


            Again, thank you kindly and have a blessed day,


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              Why did you enable web publishing?

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                Under the Help: Send Mail: The section titled "Compatibility" reads as follows: " The send mail scriipt step hen sending mail via SMtP is supported in web publishing". It was my impression that the only way to send mail through the smtp was that the web publishing had to be enabled. I have the document set as private so that only I may access the file.

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                  This is not the case. That entry is simply telling you that the SMTP option is the only one that can be used from a web published database.

                  This is not something that I've personally tried to setup (using SMTP with gMail), but there are a number of posts here in the forum by others who have done this. You might enter "gMail" in the "search the forum" box at top right on this screen and see what pops up.