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Email Script not consistent

Question asked by EdwardAlvarez on Feb 4, 2014
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Email Script not consistent



     I am in the middle of syncing our databases together. I am doing pretty well, but i have come across a little issue. i have tried in two different ways. I created one individual field for each employee and i have no created a repeating field (i think i will have to go back to individual fields again) the repeating field is working fine, is pulling the names from our employee's record data base and the email script  sends the email to the last employee i entered on the list.


     --to give you an understanding of what i am trying to create, i am using SEEDCODE's free calendar, i am creating a scheduling data base that will be synch to our payroll, records as well as our employees records and our contracts, so everything will become automated. I have already managed to synch the contracts and the employees data base. but i am having trouble automating the email confirmations we sent when we sign up employees to shifts.--

     for some reason the script decides to over write some employees and it will keep emailing one of them. If for example I enter "Mark" as the first employee on the employees row and then hit the email button it emails Mark, if i then email the second name "Ryan" let's say, it will not email ryan but it will again email Mark. If do it the other way, Ryan first and Mark second, it will email ryan and it will then email Mark. 

     I have attached some images so that you can better understand what am i doing. Can someone help me figure out what is going on?

     Thank you