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    Email Script random working???



      Email Script random working???



      I have created a email script to create a pdf on the server then attach it to email and send to the customer and to myself as a email log so i can track whats been sent.

      The only problem is the script sometimes works then doesent.

      Is there a way to find out why its not sending like a debug?




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          What parts of this are working and what parts are not?

          Is the PDF being created each time?

          Is the email not being sent or is an error being returned?

          Do you get it every time, but not your customer?

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            Hi Phil.

            The pdf is being created and no problem there. There is no errors occoruing, i just know its not sent as its not cc me and the otehr people are not receiving.

            The strange this if i do the same thing about 6 times it eventually works.

            The email is just based to goto the one person from email address field and bcc me.

            some people receive without problem and some dont but if i keep retrying it does finally work.

            Neither me or the customer is receing the emails when it doesnt work but we both do when it does work.