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    Email SMTP / EMAIL CLIENT setup



      Email SMTP / EMAIL CLIENT setup


      Hi Group


      I have different email accounts I want to use and I want to use SMTP settings for emails and I can get it working fine. But I am a little concerned as when I push my send button nothing happens, although the emails are sent out as I have conducted tests there is no feedback that the emails have sent. I.e. when using the email client setup, you get an actual email pop up that you have to send and you can see that it is sent if you look in your sent box on the email client. But with the SMTP  there is nothing?

      I push my button and nothing. How can I be sure it has sent the emails?


      I realise I could script in a sound or some form of popup saying message sent but I would like to see more evidense of the mail being sent.


      Is it possible to have a mixture of the two systems? In this way I can set the outgoing SMTP sever details to use to different buttons, but then it goes through my email client software?


      What do other people do?





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          Two things - send yourself a BCC to one of your email addresses. That the only sure way of knowing it was sent.


          And, even though it is not proof that the email went out, you could script in a routine to add a new record in a related table to track all emails sent to each individual. That related record could contain date or timestamp, and other particulars including the text of the email. 


          Some of the plug-ins can provide additional details which may help you.