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    Email Throttling



      Email Throttling


      We have a retirees association with more than 2,300 email addresses in our database.

      We are using FMP 11.0 v2, Mac OSX 10.6.4, Apple Mail 4.3.

      Our email server permits the maximum rate of 750 emails per hour.

      From time to time we like to send an email to all our members.

      Is there a way to throttle the sending of emails via FMP 11.2 to 750 per hour?

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          You could write a script for this.

          Install On Timer script can schedule a script to fire every hour and the same step can be used to halt the repeat interval once all emails are sent.

          You can use a loop and some scripting to send the emails in 750 record batches.

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            Thanks for your suggestion.  We have someone who does the script writing for our FMP database.  We've asked him to look into this and he says he can do it.  Looks like we'll have a solution.