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    Email With attachment (Layout SnapShot Link)



      Email With attachment (Layout SnapShot Link)


      Been trying all morning to get a Layout called [Sales Order PICK TICKET] to attach to an automatic email when a sales order is created.

      I can't figure out how to do it

      I'm using the Send Mail option to send the email to the storeroom crew, but I need to attach a Snapshot link of the Pick ticket laypout to the email

      Please ...... HOW?

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          I haven't needed to do this, but the script step for saving a snap shot link is set up just like saving a PDF, so the same technique should work.

          1. Use Set Variable to compute the filepath and name you want for your snap shot link.
          2. Use Save as Snapshot Link to save your snap shot and enter the path variable's name as the specified file.
          3. In your Send Mail Script step, click the attachment check box and enter this same variable name as the attachment.


          Here's an example:

          Set Variable [ $Path ; Value: "File: " & Get ( TemporaryPath ) & "FileNameHere""File: " & Get ( TemporaryPath ) & "FileNameHere"]
          Save Records as Snapshot Link [ "$Path" ; Records being browsed ]
          Send Mail [ Send via Email Client; To: Address@Domain.com ; Subject: "here's the snapshot" ; Message: "See attachment" ; "$Path"]

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            You are a Gentleman and a Scholar sir... Thank you