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    Emailing a single layout



      Emailing a single layout


      I am new to Filemaker and am using version 11.  I have created a database with three layouts.  The first 2 layouts contain field overlays on a pdf that a user must fill out.  The data from these first two layouts flow through to layout 3.  From here, the manager must approve the information.  Is there a way to email the manager layout 3 only?  I need it to still be a .fp7 file because there are fields the manager must fill in as well.  Can this be done by sending the layout as an attachment or a link to that particular layout?  Thanks for any information.


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          Kendall, there are several considerations here for that which you want to do. First, you can set up a script to save your layout 3 as a pdf file using Save as PDF, which will put it on your desktop on in a folder somewhere. Then continue with your script to send an email with the pdf file attached to it. You can show it with the field information in it, but you cannot have the recipient input additional information onto it. That person can approve it and respond back to you.

          Adding the layout inline in an email is a bit more complex and requires using a plug-in with which you may not be familiar, but being able to input onto that layout type still is not possible.

          Another way is to not use an email with the layout in either format. Please note that some folks do not like receiving pdf files or any attachments since they can contain surprises like viruses. So, you could simply use the field information concatenated with text to provide the needed data for approval or whatever. 

          Either way, you will probably need to type or copy-and-paste responses into your database, unless your managers all have licensed copies of Filemaker Pro and are on a network with you. Then they could access limited portions of your database and add anything you want.

          There are also complex ways to pull information from emails, but since you are new to Filemaker, you may want to keep it somewhat simple right now.

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            Thanks TECman for the information.  I was afraid there wasn't a simple way of doing it. 

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              As you become more knowledgeable in using Filemaker Pro, the solutions to your particular challenge will seem simple. Or, to get off to a running start, you can invest some funds and have someone set it up for you.