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    Emailing a specific layout?



      Emailing a specific layout?


      I am on a Mac using Filemaker 9 Pro. I have a layout that includes text and fields. I would like to email the contents of the layout to each individual record. This is for invoicing for membership. The layout includes each members info for updating. How do I send something that would look like the printed page to an individual member. And can I do this for a found set so each member gets only one invoice with their info on it?


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             Look at this thread for some inspiration... Emailing out schedules to individual people - help!
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               I'm afraid I don't know enough about scripts to know how to adapt this to my needs. Do I have to generate a pfd to do this or can FileMaker create a text email from the layout text and field text?
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              If you want to create a formatted email (Looking like your layout) then a PDF of the layout is needed.

              You can create an text email with fields, but you cannot format the data like your printouts.


              For a manual process, goto File--> Save/send records as PDF, then use the attach PDF to email option.

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                   Thank you. Can I automate this with a script so that if I have 50 records in my found group, it will make 50 pdfs and email each record to the individual it's supposed to go to? I have an email field.
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                  Reduced instruction from the script I referenced from ORLANDO :

                  This is the jist...but I haven't tried it....


                  Do your find, then make a script to execute the following--->


                  Set Error Capture [ On ]

                  Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ]


                      Set Variable [ $ActiveEmail ; YourTable::Email ]  

                      Go to Layout [ YourLayout ]

                      Set Variable [$FilePath ; "filemac:" & Get ( TemporaryPath ) &  "Report.pdf"]

                        Save Record as PDF [ No dialog ; "$FilePath" , Current record ]

                        # PDF has been created, now attach and send in email

                        Send Mail [ To:$ActiveEmail ; subject: "Report" ; "$FilePath" ] 

                      Go to Layout [ YourLayout ]

                      Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next ; Exit after last ]

                    End Loop




                  When you get this working...you may want to add a scripted FIND to the process.