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    Emailing Content



      Emailing Content


           Hi All,


           Here with another low level question I am afraid. I have used the Filemaker Invoices pre built solution and have attached receipts to each of my entries how can I email this inclusive of my attachments directly to our accountants?


           Thank you in advance Benjy

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                    how can I email this inclusive of my attachments directly to our accountants

               Ummm how's that again?

               If you want to email data from FileMaker, you have two options unless you acquire an email plug in:

          1.           You can send out a plain text email where data from the database is included in the body of the email. You have limited options as to how you format and present the data as part of the email, but it can be done if you can work within those limitations.
          3.           You can save a PDF of a FileMaker report and attach that PDF file to the email to send to your recipient. You are limited to one attached file per email though save as PDF does have the ability to append the PDF being saved to an existing email so you may be able to combine several PDF's in one file for attaching to an email.

               More options are possible if you install an email plug in that offers them.

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                 Hi Phil,


                 Again thank you for getting back to me, could we give the accountants a login via the filemaker server so that they could visit our filemaker reports/lists etc that way? How can I set this up so that I can get remote users to be able to access our details?


                 Thanks again Benjy

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                   There are multiple methods and spelling out all the details to each approach is more than can be covered in a tech support forum.

                   You can publish your database to the web using Instant Web Publishing (IWP) and then send them a password and account name as well as the link to your database. Please note that this is not a simple procedure.

                   They can install FileMaker Pro, and if you have portforwarding and other tech issues correctly resolved, they can remotely connect to your database over the internet.

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                     Ok thank you very much Phil will look at the IWP option as buying another license is not really on the agenda at the moment! I am pretty sure when I spoke to the sales people we could have unto 5 remote users so that might be an option? Thank you again for your help.



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                       That would be 5 users using a web browser at the same time to connect to your database if it uses FileMaker Pro to publish it to the web. You can also scale up to FileMaker Server Advanced to host an IWP system for many more simultaneous users and there are companies that will host it for you for a monthly fee.

                       But research this option carefully. Many interface design features that work well in FileMaker are not supported in IWP. That's not something the sales people like to emphasize when discussing this option.