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Emailing form letters from Filemaker 10

Question asked by tack_1 on Jul 17, 2009
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Emailing form letters from Filemaker 10


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I work in a college, and one of our databases is for student records for our home town press releases. In the past we have mailed the releases, but this year I want to use email to send them to the individual student newspapers.


This database has 29 layouts for each individual student. The last layout has the merge document for the release, and the first layer has the newspaper email addresses for each newspaper.


Is there a way to email each individual student release to that students newspaper, and,if so, can anyone tell me how to do it? (For example John Doe want his release to go to his hometown newspaper in Des Moines, IA; while Mary Jane wants her release to go to her paper in Presque Isle, Maine.)



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