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    Emailing Forms



      Emailing Forms


      I have some documents (forms) created and would like to email them.  In the documents are merged fields and text.  Some of the text is converting over to the email but I can't get some of the merged fields (fields) to merge over.  example: Your Balance is $50 the only thing shows in the email is Your Balance is with no number.  Can you help me please.

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          You cannot set up a layout and then have it appear in the body of your email. Thus, merge fields--a layout design feature, can't be used.

          You can, however, do one of the following:

          1. Save the layout as a PDF and attach the PDF file to the email
          2. Set up a calculation that merges the data and your additional text in a plain text expression and use it for the body of the email
          3. Acquire an email plug in that permits you to format the data the way you want.