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    Emailing From FileMaker



      Emailing From FileMaker


      I am VERY new at "file maker" and I have made my layout (with our customers names, addresses, email addresses) and I am now trying to figure out how to email them from this layout.  Is there any way to email a customer directly from the program (linked with Outlook, of course) or is there any way to bulk email? Like, send an email to multiple customers at the same time?

      Thank you in advance for any help that you can give!  Like I said, I am VERY new at this program and so any advice has to be in simple terms!  :)

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          Check out Send Mail in the File Menu. Look it up in FileMaker help to learn more. Check out the Email campaign management starter solution for more examples of how you might do emails from FileMaker.

          Note if your are a Mac user and have the 11.03 version of FileMaker, you can send email via MS Outlook evne though it is not listed as a compatible email client program in the help file. Older versions--including 11.02 do not work with Outlook on a mac system.