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    Emailing from FMP 10



      Emailing from FMP 10


      I've developed a Music Publishing program in FMP 10 and need to be able to email one particular page from this program. I've tried setting it up and emailing something, but it never seems to work.  Can you help?



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          If you are trying to send a page set up as a layout in Filemaker, the only way you can send that with Send Mail is as an attached PDF.

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            OK, I saved it as a PDF, attached it to my Send Mail and sent it, but it was never received.  Sooo, I guess I now need your help on setting up my "Send Mail" so that I'll be able to send mail.



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              This isn't something I can really help you with, haven't been able to get the boss to let me set up a compatible email client here. My assistance is thus more a case of helping you read the help files that come with your database.

              I can suggest a few tests:

              Can you send an email with no attachment? (you can send it to yourself).

              Are you opening the PDF to see that it has the data in it that you expect?

              How large of an attachment is this? (Some email accounts limit attachment size)

              Any chance that Anti-spam software is filtering out the attachment on the receiver's end?

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                I have used the email script with Mail.app and thunderbird for Macs and Outlook for windows.  In both cases the filemaker creates a pdf, then sends the email using the default email client, to addresses set from fields.

                I have noticed that if the email field is empty or not a valid email address, Filemaker will just pass over the send mail script and nothing happens.

                Does the email show up in your sent mail folder?