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emailing groups in FMP 10/BPS services edition

Question asked by Drumm1 on Feb 4, 2010


emailing groups in FMP 10/BPS services edition


Hi guys,


I am using FMP 10 with the BMP services pack (trial)... I sent a personalised email campaign last week which generated some great leads and I am very happy with results, however just getting the mail out proved a stressful experience.......


Put simply my question is: How do I use the HTML email function efficiently, utilising the find feature to define my chosen contacts. 


I am struggling with efficiency: when adding contacts to be mail I had to select these individually, if I tried to email a bunch of these at once my apple mail previewed each mail many times, it created hundreds of previews resulting in a crashed iMac (which is brand new!). So I managed to get the mail out by sending 10 to 20 emails at a time.


Assuming this wont happen if I create a group (?!?!?) I can't fathom how to do a search of the contacts I require to form a group, let me explain:


If I perform a search for all my contacts who have email addresses in my contacts, everything works fine. Only I cant transfer this list over to a group in my email campaigns.


In campaigns, if I click 'add contact' I can perform a 'find' to only show my contacts with email addresses, but I cant select them all so might aswell go through the whole contacts list selecting them individually, which is time consuming to say the least! 


In the 'Groups' page the only way I can see to select a member is to scroll through a list of their names, so I cant see if we have an email address for them, I would have to investigate each members contact information and add them to the group which would take days.


Surely there is a way to perform a 'find'; select all the contacts found; create an email campaign group; send a mail to each contact using the HTML tags provided (and without overloading the mail client) ?!?


Please help guys, I am well into the trial and so far FMP's claims of increased efficiency and easy to use software is completely escaping me!!


any information offered would be greatly appreciated...