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    Emailing multiple fields



      Emailing multiple fields


      To Anyone,


      I am trying to create an email that I can email more than one field to the same person.


      This is a copy count database that tracks staff usage and we would prefer emailing it to them as opposed to printing it out. When I put the field in the message box, it won't allow more than one field. If I try to put in another field it overrides the first one.


      Thanks, Beth 

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          Hi Beth and welcome to the forum


          Are you inputting the field name by selecting "Specify Field Name..." in the Send Mail Options dialog?


          If so, instead select "Specify Calculation..." and in the Specify Calculation dialog input your email body along the lines of


          TABLE::FieldOne & "" & TABLE::FieldTwo & "" & TABLE::FieldThree 


          The  & "" & will place two carriage returns between each field, you can modify to suit your needs.


          Let me know if this does the trick.

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            Thanks so much that worked out great, now is there any way to add text into the email. It puts numbers, but I want them to know what the number is.



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              Yes you can, the Calculation dialog for emails is the same as for calculated fields etc, so you can do anything you can do in a calc field. Static text needs to be writing within quotation marks and an Ampersand between the text and a field.


              So your email bocy calculation may look something like this


              "Dear: " & TABLE::RecipientName &
              "¶¶Here is the staff usage for the past week.
              ¶¶Label One: " & TABLE::FieldOne &
              "¶Label Two: " & TABLE::FieldTwo &
              "¶Label Three: " & TABLE::FieldThree &
              "¶¶Regards¶System Administrator"


              One think to note, I have added tabs between the label and the quotation make, you cannot enter a tab in the calculation dialog box by pressing the tab key, but you can copy the tab, by highlighting the tab in another application, and pasting it into the calculation. This would make it look a bit nicer. 

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                How can i do this with repeating fields?

                Every time there is an entry into the db, I want to email appropriate parties.

                One of the critical things to send, the parts!   They are all in repeating fields, so only the first sends.  I'm sure it's possible!?


                Thanks for the help!