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    Emailing PDF Report



      Emailing PDF Report




      I am fairly new to Filemaker and am converting an Alpha Five database over to Filemaker.  

      The database is a membership database for a medium sized non-profit agency.  What we are doing is emailing new membership cards and also emailing a bi-yearly newsletter.  Both of these are saved to PDF before emailing.  


      Bringing the data from Alpha was a snap and so was designing the new layouts and reports in Filemaker.


      I just have a question concerning the email capabilities of Filemaker.


      1.  The newsletter will be emailed to about 1500 members.  We will break this up and send them in batches probably over a week or so.  Is this amount too large for the standard email functions within Filemaker?  If so, are there 3rd party solutions available?


      This application will be a runtime solution used on only one PC running Windows Vista.


      We are using Filemaker 10 Pro Advanced Windows Version.


      My experience level in Filemaker is beginner.  I do have about 30 years experience in designing and developing database applications dating back to the old DOS days.  


      I am taking to Filemaker like a duck to water as they say.  I really enjoy the 'look and feel' of this product.  Next I may even buy a Mac and try that platform.


      Thanks in advance for any information or gotchas that might help on the reporting/emailing side of things.


      Ted Berry

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          Don't see any obvious reasons why Filemaker can't do the job. THere are two basic email options to consider when you set this up. You can use a client computer to send the email out using that computer's email server or you can use an SMTP server. Some folks have had trouble getting the second option to work. You can search this forum for threads on the subject and what fixes solved the problem for them.


          There are also a number email plugins that can be acquired to use with Filemaker and you may find that one of them offers additional features that may make your task easier.

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            Thank you for the reply.  We'll give it a go then.  All seems to be well at this point.


            Have a nice evening.