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Emailing PDF Report

Question asked by TBerry on Nov 23, 2009
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Emailing PDF Report




I am fairly new to Filemaker and am converting an Alpha Five database over to Filemaker.  

The database is a membership database for a medium sized non-profit agency.  What we are doing is emailing new membership cards and also emailing a bi-yearly newsletter.  Both of these are saved to PDF before emailing.  


Bringing the data from Alpha was a snap and so was designing the new layouts and reports in Filemaker.


I just have a question concerning the email capabilities of Filemaker.


1.  The newsletter will be emailed to about 1500 members.  We will break this up and send them in batches probably over a week or so.  Is this amount too large for the standard email functions within Filemaker?  If so, are there 3rd party solutions available?


This application will be a runtime solution used on only one PC running Windows Vista.


We are using Filemaker 10 Pro Advanced Windows Version.


My experience level in Filemaker is beginner.  I do have about 30 years experience in designing and developing database applications dating back to the old DOS days.  


I am taking to Filemaker like a duck to water as they say.  I really enjoy the 'look and feel' of this product.  Next I may even buy a Mac and try that platform.


Thanks in advance for any information or gotchas that might help on the reporting/emailing side of things.


Ted Berry