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Emailing script problem

Question asked by DavisSmith on May 20, 2015
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Emailing script problem


So I have a table with a couple different fields that I need to email daily to coworkers. I have my script set up so that the fields are formatted by adding a "N/A" with some space if the field is empty and if the field has data in it, it adds spaces until the length of each "field" is 18. If the field length is over 18 it just copies the field over as is. The problem I've been running in to is that most of the fields copy over just fine but 2 of the fields copy over as blank. The fields that copy blank have data in them. If they were empty they would show up as "N/A" but I'm confused as to why they are showing up blank whenever they are emailed. I should mention that I had to add these fields into the table and that all the fields that copy correctly were already in the table before I started working on this script.