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    Emailing several fields in PDF form



      Emailing several fields in PDF form



      I've searched the forum but cannot figure this out.

      I have a product catalog (clothing) database where you can select different options like size, colour, style and selling price plus an image.

      I want to be able to send this information out via email to the client in PDF and is it possible to be able to select various products (all separate records) on the one PDF file?

      At the moment there is no client database (I'm working on that next) so the email address would have to be inserted manually for now.

      As I'm a novice, I would be grateful for a step by step guide if that is possible.

      I'm running Win 7 Pro and FM 10 Advanced.

      Thanks in advance


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          You should create yourself a report layout containing data that you want in a PDF.

          Then create a script that will open the report, filter it to show only data needed and save it as PDF in a temp folder.

          then your script should send the email with the PDF as an attachment.


          your report can have page break so there will be one pdf page for each product.

          the script can asked for selections via a personnalized dialog box

          your send-to address can be typed in or coming from a field.


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            Thank you very much for responding.

            Sorry to be a pain but being a novice I'm not too sure how to go about this, would I be pushing my luck if I asked for step by step guide?


            Thanks in advance