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Emailing- editing the message text before sending it, script help?

Question asked by PFilmGuy on Jan 18, 2012
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Emailing- editing the message text before sending it, script help?


I am new to FileMaker Pro 11 on the Mac and have little FM scripting experience. I have seen it done and know a few minor basics. At work we have an organizational contact database a consultant designed for us. 

I read through some of the posts on creating emails but not sure I found what I needed, or could understand it.

Emailing (to Mac Mail)—

I want to create emails to send to a found set. In some cases, I will want the email addresses all plunked into the BCC field in one email. In other cases, I'll want to generate a separate email for each organizaiton in the found set. Either way, I want to be able to format the text and use graphics in the email, so I want to be able to edit that email before it is sent.

I've played around with the send mail feature some. To do what I describe above, however, it automatically sends the email out rather than simply generating it and letting me edit. I like how it allows me to put in the addresses, the subject line and any attachments. I just want to be able to do more than the simple text option for the message itself.

Is there a way to generate this email for a found set and NOT have FM send it, so I can paste in or create my own formatted text for the message?

The attached image is the script found in the "Email Compaign Management" Starter Solution, the one that goes with the little "mail" icon. Could I adapt this somehow so it will create emails for an entire found set? This script simply creates an email for a single contact I might be looking at on screen.