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    Emails to Excel (large database)



      Emails to Excel (large database)


      We are now managing a list of emails (just over 200K) and I'm looking for a way to export these in groups of about 20K to Excel.

      I'm using FMP10, is that a problem?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or a point in the right direction on where I can read up on this. I've tried looking on here and Google but dividing the list up into batches doesn't seem easy to learn about.

      Many thanks,


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          Take a look at Show All Records, Omit Multiple and Show Omitted only

          You can use Show All Records to pull all your records into your founds set.

          Then use omit Multiple to omit the records you want to export.

          Then use show omitted only to swap the omitted records for those you didn't omit.

          You now have a found set of just the records you want to export and you can use ecport records or save as Excel to export them to an excel format file.

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            You could create a serial number field and use replace filed contents to add them.  create a calculation field off of the serial number

            If(Serial ≤ 20000;1;
            If(Serial ≤ 40000;"2";
            If(Serial ≤ 60000;"3";
            If(Serial ≤ 80000;"4";
            If(Serial ≤ 100000;"5";
            If(Serial ≤ 120000;"6";
            If(Serial ≤ 140000;"7";
            If(Serial ≤ 160000;"8";
            If(Serial ≤ 180000;"9";
            If(Serial ≤ 200000;"10"))))))))))
            This will return a number that you can search by and then you could creat a script to cycle through these #'s and export the found set of record.