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Embed Merge Field letter into Email

Question asked by MarieT on Jan 29, 2010
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Embed Merge Field letter into Email


I am frustrated beyond belief!  I'm so close yet there is something I do not understand.  I've read hundreds of other folks posts and tried many options but I am still not able to get what I need.


I am trying to email individual registrations to workers using FMP 10 on a Mac OS 10.  On a scale of 1 -10 with 10 being high I'm at a 7 competency level with FMP but a 4 competency level with scripts and calculations.


I've created the letter I wish to send with merge fields and portal.  All is well there.


In creating the script to embed it into an email I am having difficulty.  At one point I got the letter embedded into the email but the address would not autopopulate even though I had the correct table and field placed in the TO field.  This is the option I would prefer to use if it is possible but now I've even lost the script steps to embed the letter.  Argh!


When I tried to create a pdf and send it via email the email creates properly with the correct address but the pdf does not create nor attach.


What don't I understand?