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    Embed Objects  - Need Help



      Embed Objects  - Need Help


      I have 4 FileMaker Pro users all logging onto a shared networked database.  One user is using version 10.0, one is using 8.0 and the other two are using 7.0.  I have recently created a repeating container field.  One of the 7.0 users is able to embed PDF files by Inserting Object, Browsing for File and hitting OK.  We are not linking and we are not "displaying as icon".  This works beautifully.  We see a small icon with file name under it and all users are able to browse and view documents with no problems. 


      However, when any of the other 3 users (10.0, 8.0 and other 7.0 user) embed a file in the same manner, the icon in the container field is jumbled, like a miniture version of the actual document.  AND all users have lag time when browsing the records that contain those documents. 


      All users embed files the exact same way, from the exact same pool of files and on the exact same database.  Why is the outcome different?  


      My theory is that there is a setting on the one 7.0 user that is different from the others, but I cannot figure out what that is. 


      Any help?

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          Are you using FileMaker Server?. If not, which computer and what version of FM is being used to host the database? 

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            Thank you for responding, I'm ready to jump off a bridge here.


            Not using FM Server.  Our database file is currently being stored on a network drive.  One of the FMP 7.0 users log on to it as the host and the rest of us log in remotely to her.  We are in the process of switching over to a "proper" networked environment, but have not implemented it yet.


            During testing and troubleshooting this morning, I have switched the "host" user many times and I am still coming up with the same conclusion. One of the FMP 7.0 users embed files differently in container fields than the others.  And the other 3 embed this "image" of the document that lags everybody down.