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    Embed text from one field into the body of another



      Embed text from one field into the body of another


      I need to have a speech field that is customized for each record in a CRM database.  I want to put the contacts first name in the middle of the text of another field and display this field so someone can read right from it when they have that person on the phone.  For example, I have a contact field with the person's first name in it and another field with the speach.  I want to embed the person's first name into the speech in multiple places.  The first name will need to change in each record. 

      Hi, is "FirstName" in?

      Hi, "FirstName", I’m glad I got a hold of you.  "FirstName" I'd like to talk to you about...

      Now here is the kicker for this issue.  I have a second table that contains different speeches that I need to embed the contacts first name in on the fly.  I need for users to be able to write their own speeches in the speeches table and then from the main CRM table select a speech and have the contacts name appear wherever they entered some sort of a variable, like “FirstName” in the original speech.

      So there is one table with fields Speech Selector, and Speech.  Another related table with a fiels Speech Selector.  The layout would then show the related Speech field but customized with the contacts first name embedded in it.

      I can get it by using a text box directly on the layout, but then I am limited to that speech for everyone.  I need different speeches to be modifiable and displayed on the fly.

      I know I can't be the first person to want to do this.  Thanks for any ideas you have!!!

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          Here's one way:

          Have a table of Speeches and a table of Contacts.  Have a 3rd table, a 'dashboard' for the other two, with 3 fields: gSpeechID, gContactID, and SpeechPersonalised.

          Write the speeches in the Speeches Table with placeholders such as [name] where you want the contact's name to be inserted.

          Have a portal show a list of the speeches from the Speeches Table, and another portal list the contacts from the Contacts Table.

          Let the user click a speech and a contact from the lists.

          The SpeechPersonalised field is a calculation of:

          Substitute ( Speeches::SpeechText ; "[name]"; Contacts::ContactName )

          You can expand the idea by including placeholders for products or services also, or use [name] and [names] to correctly substitute 'Jim' and ' Jim's ' if necessary.

          If it makes it easier to handle as the use expands you could have the user click a 'Show speech' button and a script can run through the range of substitutions you want to present in the (now text) SpeechPersonalised field.

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            Thanks, Your solution triggered a thought pattern for me.  I needed to have the Speech show up on the main input screen in my main table.  So using you idea for the substitute calculation I just set up a lookup field in the main table that pulls the speech from the Speeches table and then set up a Personalized Speeches field with the Substitution calculation to fill in the contacts first name.  And no need for another table.  WORKS GREAT!