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    Embedded quick find tools



      Embedded quick find tools




      I am new to Filemaker. Using it to bring an older app up to speed.


      My users spend a lot of time on the attached screen. What I am trying to do is embedd two detail blocks to act as quick find tools for Leads and Quotes. Data from the current quote table would be ideal.


      I would reather embed it into the form than overlay an additional window, if possible.


      A few quick pointes would be great.


      Thanks in advance.


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          It would help to know the structure of your database. WHat tables and relationships exist?

          It looks like you can set up too portals for this on the right and set them up so that clicking a portal row performs a find or does a go to related records action to pull up a set of records, but we lack details about your database design.

          I take it that you wan the user to be able to click a control at bottom left and the click then pops up a search tool on the right?

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            Thanks Phil,

            The bottom left objects are radio buttons, indicating the status of the current lead/quote record. Ideally I want the user to see a list of Leads and Quotes in the right hand panel and be able to click on a row and immediately display that selected record, retaining the current tab panel.

            I hope that I can generate and display these lists from the current table's index, rather than create and maintain a secondary table as an index.

            I could find no way of doing that so I did create the secondary table and still can't see how to use it to display a new record.


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              There should not be a need for adding a new table, Just a portal with the correct relationship and (possibly) a filter.

              I need to know what tables are curently involved here and the relationships you may have already set up.

              What table is your layout based on? Will the records in these two lists be drawn from the same table or another table?

              I think that you have just one table involved here. If so, set up this relationship:

              LeadsQuotes::anyField X AllLeadsQuotes::anyField

              (I'm assuming that LeasdsQuotes is the name of the table occurrence specified for you layout.)

              To create AllLeadsQuotes, select LeadsQuotes in Manage | Database | relationships and then click the duplicate button (two green plus signs). Double click the new table occurrence box and rename it such as I have sown in the example relationship above.

              Now add two portals to AllLeadsQuotes to your layout for your quick find tool.

              For the Leads portal, enter this portal filter expression:

              AllLeadsQuotes::RadioButtonField = "Lead"

              for the quotes, I don't know if you want to list both Quote and Cold Quote or just Quote. Assuming just Quote, use:

              AllLeadsQuotes::RadioButtonField = "Quote"

              For your second portal and it will list all Quote records in your table.

              See if you can get that far and report back. It's pretty simple to set the fields in the portal up as buttons to be clicked that will do what you want once you can get them to list the expected records.

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                Thanks Phil,


                All good.  The same to same relationship was what I did not get. There are a lot of built in smarts for me to explore.


                I have been evaluating FM to be sure it can do what is needed. It's a little alien to me. My training manual just turned up so soon I will be able to start in earnest.


                Can you please run me through the next few pointers to make the portal rows function as buttons to display the related record. The relationship and display of the portal is good.