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    Embedding an app in a form



      Embedding an app in a form




      I was wondering if in FMP there is a similar option as the web viewer but instead of opening a website I could open an app within the form (embedding).

      I am currently working on a form that will collect data in the field but sometimes I would have to collect it from remote areas where I won't have access to Internet. I do have an app that I could use it for navigation and I was wondering if instead of creating a web viewer to open google maps which might not be useful due to connectivity conflicts, I could use the navigation app within my form without having to get out of the form.

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          Not sure exactly what you have in mind, but Send Event can execute a windows command line. So if you are using windows and can come up with a command line to open your App and send it information, then you might be able to use send event to do so. The command line text in this script step can include data from fields in your file.

          a more ambitious approach is to use export Records to create, export and open a Windows Batch file or VB Script file with lines of text that include data from your database. That might also be a way to run an application from FileMaker and feed it data from your database.