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    Employee + user combination



      Employee + user combination


      I want to use my filemaker solution with several computers in a shop. on two of those computers i want

      2 different people being able to log in on the same filemakerfile (not at the same time) Of both of these people i want to keep track of the sales of that specific day.

      can you please link me to an explanation of how this should be set up?

      i have to set up multple accounts in the security set up up and what should i do next?


      thnx Carina


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          I want to use my filemaker solution with several computers in a shop.

          Then you'll need several licensed copies of FileMaker, each installed on a different computer with a different license key. (But also check with FileMaker Inc. about volume licensing to see if you need enough copies to take advantage of that option for a price break on the copy per machine.)

          2 different people being able to log in on the same filemakerfile (not at the same time)

          But they will be able to log in at the same time with no trouble.  What you will need to do is open the file with FileMaker on one machine and then the other users can connect to that computer over your network using Open Remote. FileMaker Pro can host database files to up to 4 other computers accessing it at the same time. So if you never need more than 4 other users accessing the database. FileMaker Pro can do this. If you need to support more than 4 other users, you'll need to use FileMaker Server to host your database. Since this is a pretty expensive upgrade, you may want to contract with a FileMaker hosting service to host your files for you.

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            i have 5 licences,

            i want to save the head file on computer 1, and want 2 employees to be able to log in from computer 2, and two other employees from computer 3

            i set up one account name "computer2' and "computer3", i  want to give person X and Y  the privilige to work in computer 2 and person A and B in computer 3; at the end of the day i need to see the total sold amount of computer 2, divided in person X and y and the same for computer 3, thats my intention

            i realize i have to make sort of accounts for "computer2" and "computer3" and for A B X Y??  does all of this needs to be set up in Security-Accounts? or is there a difference between them?

            i hope you understand what i mean



            where do i do that?

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              I think that you are confusing "users" with "computers" as the accounts you define in Manage | Security identify the user, not the computer as a given user can log into any computer with the account name and password that you set up for them.

              A user name, on the other hand, is a name specified in Privileges and is specific to a given user account on a given computer. For a past employer, I have their system set up to use get ( UserName ) to identify the computer as certain tasks (Such as printing a receipt to finalize a sales transaction) is only permitted on computers directly connected to a receipt printer.

              So you may need to set up FileMaker accounts for each user that identifies the user (Fields in your database can auto-enter a person's account name when a new record is created or when an existing record is modified.) And computer operating system user accounts that control access to what computer they can use (but only if you want to restrict users to specific computers on your network.)