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Employee can be Instructor or Student on Course

Question asked by pademo57 on Mar 24, 2011
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Employee can be Instructor or Student on Course


At our company an Employee starts out training as a Student and once they have enough training they become an Instructor.

I've tried to set this up in a Filemaker Database but I'm having a problem relating the files and maybe it's the way I'm trying to relate them.

Employee File: Empl_ID, Empl_Fname, Empl_Lname, Empl_Code ( Empl_Code for Student = S and Instructor = I)

Course File: Course_ID, Course_Name, Course_StartDate, Course_EndDate, etc.

What I wanted to do on the Course Layout was to have a portal for the Instructor and another portal for the Students.

As a new Course was created you could select from the Instructor portal an Instructor and you could select from the Student portal the Student(s) for the course.

I got this to work by creating a separate file for Instructor and Student which used the Course_ID in the Instructor and Student File and related it to the Course File.  

I also wanted to show in the Employee Layout the courses each employee was associated with. But this is where Filemaker created a second Employee file and when I try to show the Courses in a portal on the Employee File it only shows the associated courses for the students and not the instructors.  Argh? Am I making this clear?

Maybe I am relating these files the wrong way. Any help would be appreciated.