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Employee in/out with barcode scanner

Question asked by ErichWeiler_1 on Jan 15, 2013
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Employee in/out with barcode scanner


     I'm hoping Philmodjunk will see this...


     I'm trying to make a simple database to keep track of my employees' time.  We are giving our employees ID cards with barcodes.  The barcodes will have the employee name and ID number-which is a unique serial number we give each employee.


     What I'd like to do is something like you do at the gym.  You take your keychain card, scan it in at the front desk and it scans in when you come in the gym.


     I'd like my database to track my employees' "in" and "out".  This includes starting their shift, breaks, and lunch, as well as any other time they go in and out of the warehouse.  I can then make a ledger which keeps track of their time in and out.


     I am thinking I'd make a database with a table for the employee, a table for the in/out timestamp.  What else would I need?

     It's important that this database works as simple as possible.  I just want a scanner out where these people can scan their ID when they come in and when they go out.  No other typing or entering data.


     Thank you.