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    Employee login



      Employee login


           I am trying to find a way for employees to login and be taken to their Attendance record (will prob publish this to the web so field workers can login and submit attendance).  I am considering a layout based on the Personnel Table.  What I cannot figure out is how to implement this.  I know how to create a startup script that takes the user to the appropriate layout, however I am trying to avoid having to re-write my startup script every time a user is added.  Is there some way to link the users login name to their personnel file via a field?  This way  the user would just need to be added the the file and the startup script will not have to be touched. 


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               I have had to do something similar.  I had to program my own sign in Layout in the Personnel Table to INTERCEPT the FMP login of USER NAME and PASSWORD.

               One main reason I did it was to REMOVE employee's from DB when they left the company.

               You will still use the FMP method AFTER you handle the required info,


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                 If each employee is issued their own account name and password, You can use Get ( AccountName ) to identify who has just gained access to your database by using that info to look up any needed information on them in a table that includes a field for their account name. Adding and removing employees should not require rewriting the script, but simply maintaining the data in that table as well as their account/password in Manage | Security.

                 Managing accounts as well as synching them to the table of account names can be managed with scripts and a few text fields so that the user maintaining these need not have full access to your database.