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Employee promotion tracking

Question asked by eibcga on Oct 1, 2011
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Employee promotion tracking


Hello all, a FMPA11v4 Mac beginner user here trying to design a human resources database to track employees and their promotions throughout their employment in a large publicly traded company. Attached is the ERD which I hope has the right idea.

An employee can receive many job ratings, and a rating can be shared by many employees. An employee can have many job positions, and a job position can have many employees. A department can have many locations, and a location can have many departments. A department can have many positions, but each position can only have one department. A division can have many departments, but each department can have only one division. A division can have many cost centres, but each cost center can only have one division.

Now that I have set up all these one-to-one, and many-to-many relationships using join tables, how do I know which layout to start entering records? Since it appears that each layout's context can access related records from each of the other related tables many "hops" away, is there a best layout to choose? I guess this would depend on my needs and which point of view to run reports from. But my question is about data entry.

I figured I'm supposed to just pick the Employee layout based on the Employee table, and start adding all the various portals to all the various join tables (i.e., Employee_Rating, Employee_Position, Dept_Location), then add child records to each portal?