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Employee Referral question...

Question asked by jrobgk1 on Feb 22, 2012
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Employee Referral question...


Greetings: the following question referst to FM 11.0.3
I have a table called Model Records of employee records (each with a unique ID). I would like set up a relationship that would allow one of the models to be credited for "recruiting" other models to the company.  I want to track the new models name (from the same table, Model Records), whether she stayed as a prospect or went to active (which is the field Model Records::Work Status) and the date of the referral.

My thought was to create a new table, called Referrals with:

Referral ID
Model ID --->related to Model ID in the Model Records table
Model First Name
Model Last Name
Referral Date
Referring Model ID

when i create a portal in the original model records table to point back to Referrals, FM gives me an error.  

Thoughts?  Did i miss something in the relationship?