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Employee Time Tracking

Question asked by simmka on Aug 3, 2014
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Employee Time Tracking


     I'm working on a database that incorporates the ability to track employee time both for the day's time (when they check in,check out,Lunch break out, lunch break in) and for their project/task time (hours spent on a project [rounded to the nearest quarter hour, ideally]). I already have the database set up to track Work Orders, Projects, and Tasks (essentially, a beefed up version of the way the 'Projects 'starter solution works). It also has the function of recording Employee and Customer information. It will eventually have estimate and inventory functionalities.

     For the "Day Time" Tracking: What I need to know is the best practice for going about this. I've tried working on the "Day Time" and can't get it to work reliably enough. Basically, the employee presses a "Clock In" button when they want to clock in that populates the Clock In Time field with the time that they clocked in AND populates a date field with the Clock in Date (the same goes for the way that the clock out, lunch in, lunch out fields work). My problem here is that I need to record MANY times and dates for each employee but the ways I've tried to get this working have not functioned properly thus far (using a portal by copy/pasting field data from the single fields to the portal...this works to some extent but isn't reliable) so I know I'm not doing something right. I know that this can be done with simplicity in mind, I just it to capture the time an employee clicks the button and record it in the database, it sounds so simple but I think I'm missing it.


     For the "Task Time" Tracking: Same idea, only this tracks time on each task an employee is assigned to. The employee will only have to interact with a "Start Time" button and an "End Time" button. I think I can get this to work easily enough but I haven't logged any hours working on it because I've been trying to get the day functionalities working first.


     The main objective is not not have the employee entering in data manually. It needs to be automated.


     For future purposes I need to be able to have this data be reliable, right now it's definitely not. I just need a fresh perspective.


     Thank you in advance for any help!