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Employing boolean search strings

Question asked by escargot on Feb 25, 2010
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Employing boolean search strings


Any help on the below question is much appreciated!


Basically I'd like to know whether it's possible, and if so, a pointer in the right direction.

Essentially on my database I have a text field that contains the contents of a candidates CV/Resume. Now, historically utilising off the shelf recruitment databases we'd be able to search this field using boolean logic so: "wind turbine technician" AND (vestas OR siemens) and this would return results as per the query.


However, utilising filemakers find, we aren't able to do this as you need to constrain or omit.


Is there any way I can incorporate boolean searching functionality? I don't mind if it needs some serious scripting (i'm willing to spend some time learning this as it's quite important).