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Empty Field Validation

Question asked by willrollo on Oct 16, 2013
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Empty Field Validation


     I want to alter the validation error message that appears it is not consistent with MY DB and May confuse things.

     I have a post code field that I want to contain data. 


     The problem is two fold.

     1/ Some Foreign addresses do not have a post code, but I do not want the error message appearing everytime the record is altered but this field left empty.

     2/ The error message itself - I would rather a dialogue message would appear that reminds the user to enter a post code. But this only happens once the record is first created. Maybe it can activate once the record is committed, like it does at present but with my message...


     Another issue i have is that I am importing quite a few (>1000) records from a previous database that contained only 4 address fields. This meant that sometimes the last field would consist of the county and the post code. Is there a replace field calc that I Could use that could test for two "words'  in Field 4 and if so copy the second "word" (post code) to my New Post code field? I know this wont work in every case but might work for most...

     Thank you