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Empty Fields Script

Question asked by carlz_1 on Feb 5, 2009
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Empty Fields Script


Hi everyone,


My application involves a large number of fields that must be filled out before the form can be printed out and submitted.


Often times the data entry individual will not have all of the information at his or her hands to enter but will get bits and pieces at a time.  This makes mandatory field data entry (Not Empty) not feasible.


I would like to create a script that will scan through the fields of a record looking for empty fields and pausing for data entry of the next field that is empty.  When that then gets filled out, the script continues and  moves on to the next empty field pausing for data entry if it is empty and then moves on again until the end of the record.


Making a field mandatory Not Empty will not work because of the piecemeal fashion the information comes in and the way these things get put together.


Thank you for any insight.