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empty records in portal

Question asked by apw on Jan 29, 2010
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empty records in portal


MacOS 10.3.9 and Filemaker Pro 7.0.v3.
No in-depth experience with FM.
Since using this version of FM I have the following problem:
I use two files which are related.
In the portal of the first file the related records of the second file appear as they should.
However in a number of cases there appear in the portal one or more empty records, which cannot be removed.

Strange, but no real nuisance until I found out, that the other records in a portal with empty records behaved strangely, i.e. certain data were no longer available in the second file.
The problem occurred only in the records with names beginning with who- and wills, and all in-between.
The rest of the file was perfect.
This problem occurred since using 7.0.v3; in earlier versions of FM not, to my knowledge.

In all the years I'm using FM I never found a system error, but this looks like one.

Anybody any suggestion?