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    empty records in portal



      empty records in portal


      MacOS 10.3.9 and Filemaker Pro 7.0.v3.
      No in-depth experience with FM.
      Since using this version of FM I have the following problem:
      I use two files which are related.
      In the portal of the first file the related records of the second file appear as they should.
      However in a number of cases there appear in the portal one or more empty records, which cannot be removed.

      Strange, but no real nuisance until I found out, that the other records in a portal with empty records behaved strangely, i.e. certain data were no longer available in the second file.
      The problem occurred only in the records with names beginning with who- and wills, and all in-between.
      The rest of the file was perfect.
      This problem occurred since using 7.0.v3; in earlier versions of FM not, to my knowledge.

      In all the years I'm using FM I never found a system error, but this looks like one.

      Anybody any suggestion?

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          Sounds like either the file or a field's index may be damaged.


          You can bring up your field definitions, select a field and turn indexing on and then off to rebuild the indexing on that one field. You could import all your data into a clone and that will rebuild all the indexes in your file.


          Note: file corruption could be messing up the indexing. In that case rebuilding the database may be only a temporary fix. If the problem returns or persists, you may have to replace your file with an undamaged copy.


          If re-indexing your fields does not work, you can recover the file and test it to see if it works as expected. If the recovered file works, replace your file with an undamaged back up copy if you have one.

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               Incredible what a powerful mind can achieve.
            The idea of a corrupted file would never have entered my mind.
            Everythings works fine now.
            Thank you very much.