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    Empty Space Search



      Empty Space Search


           So my boss made this system where it imports information from a source and he wants me to decipher wether the field is empty or if it contains something, but he has it setup so that the first line is blank.  The only problem is the first line doesn't register as a ¶, so when i try to decipher if the field is empty or not it registers as empty in find mode and in any script that i write.  Keep in mind that i am using FileMaker Pro 7, thanks.

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               The closest I can come to FileMaker 7 is FileMaker 11--which has the same file format.

               I created a new file with a single text field.

               I entered data such that some records had text in this field where the first line was empty, others where this was not the case and a single record where the field was truly empty.

               I entered find mode and put a lone = character in the text field and performed the find. It found that one record where the field was indeed empty. This did not find records where the first row of text in the field is empty due to entering a return.