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Enabling certain fields in portal based on value list

Question asked by LauraTurgeman on Jan 7, 2011
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Enabling certain fields in portal based on value list


Hello, I am working on an sales order solution for clothing and need multiple quantity fields per record.  Product records will have an "available sizes" value list and based on this value list I would like to have data entry possible only for fields related to that value list.  For example:  Shirts are available in 5 sizes, pants available in 11 sizes and hats only have 1 size.  I was thinking to put 11 size fields (max. available size possibilities) in a portal on my layout and depending on the value list have only the related size fields enabled.  I'm also not sure of the fields that I need to create in the sizes table and where the relationship should be.  I think the simple way would be to create a new record for each size but my records list would be too long and the invoice would be too long as well.  I don't have too much experience in scripts.  I am using FMP 11.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.