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Enabling find for clickable buttons

Question asked by swhite on Nov 6, 2009
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Enabling find for clickable buttons


I have a layout in list view, listing all active jobs for multiple projects. On the layout, there's a related field for the project name. Through 'Button Setup' I've made the project name field a clickable button, which functions as a navigational button taking the user to a project layout showing that project's details. The problem is that by making the project name field clickable in the jobs layout, it also prevents the user from entering the field in Find mode.


I've checked that the field is allowed to be entered in Find mode, but I cannot find any options to turn off the clickability (if that's a word) in Find mode. Anyone know if this is possible?


As it seems a bit odd to have a field clickable in find mode, I'm also curious to know how anyone is using that functionality.


A few details about my setup:

FMP 10 Clients on Mac OS 10.5

Shared DB w/ external data stored in Oracle, and FMP Server connecting through ODBC


Thanks in advance