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Encapsulation and Breadcrumbs

Question asked by ChrisJohnston on Oct 10, 2013
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Encapsulation and Breadcrumbs


     Because of the fabulous support on the forum I have learned a way to provide a very efficient design to a database that will collect information. The info that was so helpful was to create a setup like so.


     Topics::__pkTopicID = SubTopicList::_fkParentTopicID
     Topics::|SubTopics::__pkTopicID = SubTopoicList:_fkSubTopicID

     Because the initial was so helpful I figured it would make a lot of sense to hear what else you have to say about ideas to:

  1.           Have a way to keep subject matter together
  3.           A way to construct some type of Bread Crumb navigational system.

     I have already had some good results with ExecuteSQL for deducing things like Subtopic (2 levels deep) lists. Some times with what is at hand I don’t know what is the best practice way to approach things. For instance if it can be handled with ExecuteSQL than should I not consider a Table Occurrence or vice versa.