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Encoding text to numbers to make a calculation

Question asked by Nrsmoll on Jun 11, 2010
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Encoding text to numbers to make a calculation



I am using filemaker 11 on windows XP, with the eventual intention to publish on the web or network. I am a novice filemaker user, but have some experience using a simple coding language for a statistics program known as stata, but little filemaker experience.


The database is being created to follow surgical patients for a particular type of surgery. And four variables I can collect can be used to calculate a score. For example:


Field 1=Headache; valuelist=yes/no

Field 2=Hair color; valuelist=red/blue/blond/brown/black

Field 3=Head size; valuelist(number)


I need to encode the values into 0-1 for field 1, 0-3 for field 2 (some colors have same score), and field 3 I will score according to three created dummy variables: <10cm, >=10cm & <=20cm, >20cm. These will then be scored from 0-3.


My calculation field, (field 4) will need to sum these scores up for a final score....



I am having trouble finding out about how to do this, and have checked out the filemaker function manual, but I really need some outside help.