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encrypt or hide a field

Question asked by ArthurJoyce on Jun 13, 2012
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encrypt or hide a field


I've been searching for an answer to this but haven't found an answer yet, that I can use.

I developed a contact list with very specialized fields to fit our church situation where I'm using this for each congregation member. There is a "note" field in the database and I am trying to make it so that only certain people can see the contents of the note field. I've tried to find something to encrypt the field or to hide the field and then reveal it again if the right password is given. I've looked at the plug-in "Troi Encrypter Plug-in" but that seems rather complicated and seems to me to be more overkill than what I need to have. I'm not really worried about someone "breaking in", and by hacking the database, read the note fields. I just want to keep curious eyes away from confidential information in the fields. 

Is there a way to do this without buying a plug-in that could eventually go bad or break? Is there a relatively easy solution that I'm missing?


Any help is appreciated.