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    Encrypted fields / securing database



      Encrypted fields / securing database


           I know this has been up many times before on this forum, and it has got equal amount of different answers.

           If I want to secure the database because it contains sensitive information, how would I do that? Has FileMaker plans to implement the encrypted fields from Bento in FileMaker 13? Thoughts about how to secure the database in a good and easy way, both from remote intrusions and if someone would get the database files. Logging access to restricted information. Logging changes to restricted information. Manually close access to restricted information ("I've read the information, don't need it on screen any more")

           Is FileMaker secure enough to store really sensitive information?

           It could be information like credit card details, user name and passwords for online stores, technical documentation with credentials for accessing other secure information, pictures containing classified information etc.

           Looking forward to an intresting discussion.