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    Encrypting database



      Encrypting database


      Hi Everyone,

      Is it possible to encrypt our database so that no one can actually copy and modify our database?

      I have designed our database based on our operations need and I don't have a way to make sure that our database can't be copied or modified by anybody since I don't have total control of our server.  Our company has a 3rd party technician who comes and go logging in to our server (FM Server) without notifying me or my supervisor (the technician is a close friend of the company owner).  She can copy our database and modify it anytime.  Is there a way to encrypt our existing database so that our technician can't open our database and modify it, how can I encrypt our existing database?

      Thank you guys in advance.

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          Using FileMaker Advanced, you can encrypt a data base file, then specify the encryption key to server so that it opens without issue on the server, but if you download a copy and open it as a local file, a dialog pops up asking for the encryption password and you cannot get the file open without that encryption password.

          This would not prevent someone with a full access password from logging in and modifying your file while it is hosted so I would recommend that you either change full access passwords or just make sure not to give out such a password to this technician.

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            Hi Phil,

            I have changed the security/privilege set for each users and group, our FM database server doesn't have FM installed on it do I have to copy the database out of the server first and encrypt it or I can just open our database like we normally do (clicking the link that launches the database) and just encrypt once it is open using FileMaker Advanced or it should be done differently (is there a link that I can follow on how to encrypt our database that has been published)?


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              You have to download a copy of the file (this is easy to to do from the Admin Console) to a local machine and use FM Advanced to encrypt it. Then you remove the hosted copy and upload the encrypted copy in its place. FM Server will ask you what you want to do with the encryption key during the upload and you can enter the encryption key then.

              Keep that encryption key in a safe place. If you lose it, your DB will no longer be accessible if not hosted by Server. (And a new install of server won't be able to open the file either.)

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                So, how can I download the database from our server?  Is it possible just to copy it from the directory where the database is stored/located or I really need to download it from the Admin Console?

                When you mentioned "Then you remove the hosted copy and upload the encrypted copy in its place." Does this mean I have to delete the database file in the location where it is saved and then I upload the newly encrypted database?

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                  All of this should be done from the Admin console. Copying any open FileMaker file and those hosted from your server will be open, may produce a damaged copy of the file.

                  I suggest that you learn how to use the Admin console as this provides you with a number of tools for better managing your hosted system.

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                    Thank you Phil, I logged into the Admin Console and couldn't find the link or tab where I can download the copy of the hosted database.  I found out that I could pause the database, is it the same as closing it?  If it is, where can I download the copy of the hosted database using the admin console?

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                      Close and Pause are not the same.

                      See this screen shot. If you are hosting from an older version, your interface and your options may be different. First, you click Activity on the far left and then select the Databases tab if not already selected. Then you click to select the file to be closed and downloaded. Pull down the menu from the file folder and you'll see an option to close the file and to download a copy. So close it, wait for the status to say "closed" and then select the option to download a copy. And you will follow similar steps, but click the trash can icon when you are ready to remove the unencrypted copy.

                      You can use FileMaker Pro or Advanced to upload the encrypted copy by selecting File | Sharing.

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                        Thank you very much Phil, and so all I have to do after encrypting the database file is upload/ host it back to the server through FM Pro Advance?

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                          You have to first remove the original copy. And here's the image that I forgot to upload: