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END LOOP challenge

Question asked by malibux14x on Jun 7, 2013
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END LOOP challenge



     I am trying to make a script that goes into a field "cut" the context and then "paste" it so the linked info reloads.  i know  reload would be easier to use but for some reason, with the way i set this up, that doesnt work.  it only works when i cut and paste it.

     i set it up correclty to perform this on the 12 fields that i have per record then at the end i put "GO TO NEXT RECORD".

     I have the loop and end loop but when i hit the button to launch this script it just keeps running and running

     how do i make it run through all 12 fields, go to the next record (within the searched records) do the same thing and continue doing this until the last record?