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    END LOOP challenge



      END LOOP challenge



           I am trying to make a script that goes into a field "cut" the context and then "paste" it so the linked info reloads.  i know  reload would be easier to use but for some reason, with the way i set this up, that doesnt work.  it only works when i cut and paste it.

           i set it up correclty to perform this on the 12 fields that i have per record then at the end i put "GO TO NEXT RECORD".

           I have the loop and end loop but when i hit the button to launch this script it just keeps running and running

           how do i make it run through all 12 fields, go to the next record (within the searched records) do the same thing and continue doing this until the last record?

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               I have no idea what you are trying to do. 

               reload would be easier?   reload what?  The only reload I know of is to reload a web page in the web veiwer.

               perform what on 12 fields? 

               you have a loop and end loop then you try to launch a script.  Is the loop not part of your scrip?   This may be the problem.

               You don't run through any fields.  

               To exit a loop you use go to next record and check exit after last.

               You need to post what you want to do from step 1, in detail.  It sounds like you are headed in the wrong direction.

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                 You may have a "loop" and an "end loop".

                 You either need an "Exit Loop If"

                 OR more likely

                 set your "GO TO NEXT RECORD" with the check in the checkbox "Exit After Last"


                 Now, why are you using "Copy" and "Paste" instead of "Set Field"

                 And yes, I'm not sure what you mean by "reload", perhaps you meant to say something else.

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                   thanks guys.  yes, the exit after last was missing.  

                   appreciate it!