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    English Interface - Spanish layouts



      English Interface - Spanish layouts


      I'm an American using FM in English, but programing with Spanish layouts.  Is there a way to have the records set to not save automatically (causing the dialogue to confirm save), but have a custom dialogue so I can put that information in Spanish?

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          You can use the OnRecordCommit script trigger to run a script that uses Show Custom Dialog to display your own "save" dialog message. You can then use If [Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 1] to determine if they clicked OK or Cancel. If they click OK, you can use Commit Record [no dialog] to commit the record without triggering the system dialog (which only appears of you turn off auto save for the layout in Layout Setup...)

          You also may want to place a web viewer behind all your other layout objects sized to cover the entire layout body, but with no URL specified and with transparent or 0 width borders. This object will intercept the back ground mouse clicks that would otherwise commit the record.

          Hmm, have you considered just running the completed system on a Spanish Language Install of FileMaker?

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            Thanks for the quick response... AGAIN!  Smile

            I think that will work great... and I would have NEVER thought about the web viewer idea.  That's good thinking.

            What problems are there with me programming in English on an English install and the program created being run on a Spanish install?  Would that solve a lot of my problems for error message boxes, etc?  Since I'm an American (although very fluent in Spanish), I just find it easier to work from an English context instead of Spanish.  Thanks for the advice.



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              I've never worked with a foreign language install, but would assume that if you installed that version on a computer and opened your database file on it, the only difference is that the system interface, the very menus an dialog boxes that we are discussing here, would be in the other language. That might eliminate the need for scripting to add your own Spanish Language Dialog boxes to your solution.