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    Enlarging a Picture



      Enlarging a Picture


      Hello - 


      I was wondering how I can enlarge a picture that I place in a container field by clicking on it. For example, when I upload a PDF into a container field, I can right click and select view in preview and it opens right up. However, I cannot do this for JPG or JPEG images. Is there an option to do that?


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          With files inserted into container fields, how you inserted the file makes a significant difference.

          If you use insert file with the "store a reference" option enabled, and (in FileMaker 12) the file is not optimized for interactive content, you can double click the container field and the file will be opened with whatever application is set up in your operating system as the default application for that file type.

          With other options for inserting the field used, you can use export field contents--either from the Edit menu or as a script step to export and open the file.

          An alternative that works well for image files is to create a new layout where the container is sized to be quite large, then have a button change to this layout or open a new window and change to this layout to display an enlarged view of the image.