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Enter a new related record

Question asked by DougieReid on Jul 11, 2012
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Enter a new related record


Hi, I am new to FMPro and I am just trying to find the best way to enter a new related record.

I have Holiday table, each Holiday can have many Booking[s].

From the Holiday main layout I want to be able to enter a new Booking. The user should click on a button [Add Booking] which takes them to the correct layout to enter a new Booking with the correct Holiday already selected.

Is there a good tutorial out there on how to best achieve this?

I have started to construct a script for the button with a few conditions (i.e. check that there are enough spaces on the holiday), but I am a little stuck on how to grab the Holiday ID and use it in the new Booking form.

I am playing around with entering a script parameter but so far no luck...

Many Thanks,